Monday, September 6, 2010

ECM Trends - Maiden Voyage

OK, this is very frightening! This reminds me exactly of the time when the editor of my college newspaper asked me to write sports articles, mainly short snippets about how our Alma Scots faired against their bitter rivals. And, for some unexplained reason, I said yes.

Maxine Buttons, editor-in-chief of the Scotsman was wonderful, persuasive, and had an intellect that could instantly summon prose on any topic, all with the Who, What, Where, When, Why included in the first paragraph. I, on the other hand, labored over how to describe anything that happened in the Alma soccer team loss to Albion, 2-1.

So, as I set out to describe what is happening at the project-level with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), it is with this humbling experience that this blog commences. And yet, there are some insights about this field that are not being talked about, ideas that are not being developed, and secrets that, if shared, could benefit us all.

ECM includes a whole host of technologies and methodologies for organizing, storing, categorizing, discovering and retrieving vital corporate or organizational documents, website pages, videos, in short anything created by or for the organization. My experience, and therefore the focus of this blog is primarily on computer generated content, or High Volume Transactional Output, but because I have over 20 years of experience in this field, I often hear about eDiscovery trends from my clients, or am privy to specifics on developments in the document capture field, for example. The ground rules of this space will be no names will be used at any time, other than the talented Maxine, above, but that genuine insights, with specifics, are fair game.

Let me know what you think at any time – your feedback and input are like nuggets of gold, and your payback will be the collective intelligence of us all!

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